Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two Hydrogens And An Oxygen, Please

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but it was a combination of hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms at different temperatures that propelled, ripped open and sank the Titanic.

It's also the same combination that boils water that we let cool for what will become iced tea.

If you look at any maps, they will show that we tend to settle close to the water, whether near the sea or lakes or rivers. In these motorized days, the Interstates and their intersections take the place of the old canals. But the tendency remains: where there's water, there will you find concentrations of people.

Except Las Vegas; then it's imported, at the cost of irrigating food supplies. sigh.

We are overwhelmingly water and we like being near the water -- at the shore, in swimming pools, running through the lawn sprinkler, taking cruises. We are forever bonded to it.

I was walking through an area where some sprinklers were wetting down the grass. I find it fun to time my movement so I just miss being rained on. This time, there were several and it took some doing.

Quite by coincidence, I was watching a tape I made some years back of a show on The Travel Channel. It took place in Quebec Province and, at one point, the host was walking through Quebec City with an umbrella that had, "Merde, Il Pleut" on it. I think that was the phrase. I disagree; I like weather that way; I'm forever bonded to it.