Friday, April 21, 2006

Kenai Kitty

I have shared custody of a cat, Kenai. She's named after the Kenai Peninsula, where Mom and I used to dock after one of our many Alaskan cruises. The cat's actual companion (can you really own a cat?) has never been there, but was looking for a neat name and "Kenai" it was. She even has it on her license plate -- a not uncommon thing among pet owners.

She is in the window perch in front of me at the moment, gathering up the sunshine and observing the passing scene. There are a few cars passing by, a young lady of some young ladyish charm that is lost on cats, and the usual collection of birds and squirrels.

Soon, Miss Kenai Kitty will tire of all this and (a) fall asleep, (b) move to another, quieter perch in my bedroom on the lee side of the house, or (c) make the three jumps up to the top of the entertainment center where there is a convenient little shelter she can sleep in. As I write this, she has opted for curling up in the sunny window and following the advice of Jesus in the Garden: "Sleep on and take your rest."

She has lived in three of my residences here. One, due to the lot's incline, had a cat's eye view of the lawn from my bed. I called it the "Animal Planet Channel," and she carefully noted each species of wildlife and their habits. They, I am sure, noted hers and the fact that she was confined.

Cats have their own reasons. I will never know why this one likes to sit upright and/or sprawl out on the back of my desk chair, padded tho it may be. I can move the chair around and kitty will stay put. When I ask, she replies, "Because."

Everybody has a story:
Rose Rechnic passed away Tuesday. She was born in Bendzin, Poland, and having lived in both the Auschwitz and Bergan-Belsen concentration camps, was the sole survivor of her family. As author of “Try to Survive … and Tell the World,” she dedicated her life to being a tireless educator of this period.


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