Monday, April 24, 2006

We're Having A Thunderstorm

I hadn't noticed the online doppler weather map ( until a nice, fat rolling thunderclap let me know that we were having a storm. Then I checked the map to see what was going on and what I could expect for the rest of the night. More thunderstorms, I hope; they are so nice to hear overnight.

When I was younger, and even into my first teenage years, I was terrified of them. At least, of the lightning. I haven't the faintest idea why and did not then. Maybe it was the suddenness of the flash across the sky; maybe a shrink could come up with a good answer. But, one day, I found that it was gone and lightning had become just another part of life. Storms no longer scared me; I found them interesting in the evening and comforting through the night.

Of course, I'm in a house with no leaks, which can withstand the high winds that come with these storms. The Big Bad Wolf can huff and puff all he wants and all I have to do is roll over and get comfortable.

And so I shall. I'm posting more than twelve hours later than usual and will shortly, as my brother puts it, get horizontal. The soundtrack this evening remains thunder and it might be the last thing I hear as I drift off.

Big Bad Wolf, don't waste your breath.


Anonymous Jerry Van Ness said...

You have to be Jim's brother that I affectionately have named "10 men" since he seems to live the lives of ten people simultaneously- he writes, he reads, he skies, he travels, he sugars, he cuts enough wood for a villlage, etc. ... he sure enjoys life. Your humor and vivid observations seem to belong to the same line of francophone Canadians I would guess. Great stuff! Your family get togethers must really be something.

April 29, 2006 11:51 PM  

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