Friday, October 29, 2010

More Notes From All Over

Paid obituary in the New York Times.
H. Butt Herr. Consummate New Yorker, photographer extraordinaire, computer guru. A lover of fine food, fine wine and fine women. A man’s man, an urban cowboy, erudite, well read and intellectually curious. He leaves behind [relatives] and friends in most time zones. Complex and flawed, he will always be with us.

The original bag of hammers.
A local high school coach has been let go when his contract runs out. In that time, his team has gone 9-22, including 0-10 this year. “I never got a straight answer from anyone,” he said. “They never called me in to talk about anything or what was going wrong. I hate to go out 0-10. I would have liked to give it one more shot just to see.”

The television movie of the year?
Betty Dickinson passed away recently. She traveled to every continent on earth, including Antarctica. She also obtained her private pilot certificate in her fifties, reasoning, “If something happened to your pilot, how dumb would you feel flying around, waiting to run out of gas? It’s so stupid not to be able to do something.”

She and her husband were pictured on the front page of the New York Times in October 1980, along with other survivors of the burning and sinking of the M.V. Prinsendam off the coast of Alaska. Betty recalled the scene aboard the doomed liner: “It was just like what you’d see in a B-movie. The only person missing was Tallulah Bankhead.” (New York Times)


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H. Butt Herr?

I'm not buyin' it.

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