Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soon It's Hot Chocolate Time

There is a time and place for everything. Not only that, but it must be the right time and the right place. Nothing else will do.

The time for special tea is when I am relaxed and can appreciate it. Tea from the mysterious lands around the eastern Mediterranean, which I sip occasionally so it will last. Spiced teas, apple cinnamon, things like that. They deserve their own time, their own place and not at the work desk.

Floor sweepings (anything less than Lipton) are suitable for when I am on the air, for when I am prepping my show, for supper, for sitting around with friends. I am not paying very much attention to it at that time and, while I take much care in its preparation, it’s not the main focus of my attention.

Hot chocolate fits in just between a well-brewed Lipton and some special blend. One should make it right, but there is no particular fuss. It is to be enjoyed on a cool to cold day, possibly in the evening. I like it when I can see the rain or snow, or people all bundled up against the weather.

People talk about “good sleeping weather,” whatever that is; my meds make any day good sleeping weather. I talk about “good hot chocolate weather.” It’s just about at that point now: rainy and cool. A few degrees lower and the choc comes out. I might just put a thin blanket around me just for the image.


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