Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Not Even Hallowe'en Yet

I saw my first Christmas commercial today, several days before the Ghosts & Goblins got their broomsticks warmed up. Frank Perdue is still thinking about getting his turkeys ready for the end of next month (does he do turkeys, or just chickens?) The Catholic pre-Christmas season of Advent is still aways off.

So, let me be the first to wish you… Nah; I’ll wait. There’s already a radio station in South Bend, Indiana, playing Christmas music.

“Back in the day,” as us older folk like to say when we fondly reminisce about days when younger squirts weren’t around and can’t correct our memories, back in the day the Christmas shopping season didn’t start until the big Macy’s Department Store parade had finished. Santa came along and it was “ready, set, go.”

The last time I watched the parade, it featured all sorts of actors pushing their particular shows and products. Including some bearded gent singing his part (I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General) from the current Broadway hit, “Pirates of Penzance. That did it for me; no more big commercial parades hawking goods for this guy.

Once, when sales were poor, I did see a sign across what passed for Main Street down in Freeland PA, “Season’s Greetings,” at the end of September. I really think we should have a starting gate for the holidays; at least, Christmas. No sooner than Thanksgiving afternoon. Let the turkey settle, then start with the shopping.


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