Monday, October 25, 2010

Two Months Till

Till when? Till Baby Jesus comes down the chimney with a pack on his back? Isn’t that how it goes? Or is it one month until Santa Claus wraps up the Macy’s Thanksgiving All-Commercial Parade? Or is it eight months until my annual cruise ends in Boston? A friend of mine passed away on the twenty fifth of October.

Beware the Ides of March? Watch out for the twenty-and-fifth of the month, dear Julius. Be it good or be it unfortunate, it’s the day of happenings.

Of course, take any number and you will find coincidence. My school mailbox number used to be 1611, or something like that. I began seeing variations of that all over town. 1161, 1611, 6111; things you would not notice if your box number were 1478. My current address is a combination that suddenly appears everywhere I look.

People die in threes, as the saying goes. But your threes aren’t my threes. You and I share person #1; you know person #2, but mine is someone entirely different; same with #3. Yet we seem to ignore that we may also know one or two more. We stop at 3 because that’s the magic number.

In the Bible, “666” was a code number for the emperor Nero; the early Christians didn’t dare write his name for fear the Romans might capture the writings. But now, some of the super-religious get all upset when those numbers appear anywhere and declare the devil itself is present. In my old car, which had PKY-666 on its license plate.


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