Monday, June 14, 2010

Then The Rains Came

It’s hard explaining to my African friends about our rain storms and the extended rainy days we have here. There’s quite a climate difference here and there.

We had one of those fast-moving thunderstorms the other day. Here it comes, bang, there it goes. They are common enough here, and the norm in Africa. But here, especially in New England and Pennsylvania, we also have those three-day periods of rain and overcast skies when the kids can’t go outdoors and play.

Not the norm in Africa. As one of my friends from the continent said, “What’s going on here? Why does it rain for so long?” I reply, “Because that’s how it is in this part of the world. Sometimes it just rains for days.” Down in the Caribbean the rains come in the afternoon, strong, and then it’s over.

Been there, seen them, got caught.

When you are down there and nobody seems to be in sight but tourists, it’s time to get under cover because the afternoon rains are about to come. Which is to say, with the force of a firehose. I was lucky; I dove under a small covered area and avoided the deluge, for the most part.

But at least it was over in a matter of minutes. Better than being five years old, looking out the window two or three days in a row at bleak, rainy skies.


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