Saturday, June 05, 2010

Upcoming News

These pages will be on vacation starting two weeks from today. For the conscientious reader, yes, I have fallen behind. Much has taken place here on North Franklin.

My friend was away, so I had cat duty 2x/day. She’s only 15 minutes away, but that adds up to an hour of travel time, not counting the demands of brushing, paying attention to, and other things cats can come up with. And, of course, I fall asleep on the couch pretty regularly. The laptop is with my friend.

I am also keeping up-to-date with my newspaper columns, which means writing more than one per week. I want to get two more “in the bank” before I leave.

Packing is another thing: since I travel for two weeks using only a carry-on, I have to be most judicious as to what goes in there. No frills; absolutely nothing more than I need for the trip. Returning souvenirs? Been on this route many times; got all I need.

My packing list goes up a week early and I add to it what I realize is missing. As each item is packed, I put a large “P” next to it. I do a test-pack about a week before leaving to see how things will fit. When all it ok, the bag is closed and left in my room.

The bus terminal is just down the street, so I can walk it easily. It’s a fairly big line with plenty of scheduled trips to NYC; mine is 4:10 in the morning, with a connection in New York at 8:30 for Boston. So that’s what’s going on here.