Saturday, December 12, 2009


Jollytown PA, nowhere near Little Hope, as far as I know; at least, I hope so. Can you imagine “Leaving Jollytown; entering Little Hope.” Are we there yet?

Then there is Titusville, known to the locals without the “u” in the pronunciation.

A woman on my cruise said she was from Reno, “The only one in the country.” Pardon, Ma’am, but there’s one in Pennsy. It’s right above Cranberry, northeast of Pecan and south of Cherry Tree. We also have a Nectarine out there somewhere.

There’s Eighty Four, nowhere near Interstate 84. We’ve got a Distant, a Laboratory, an Energy and a Torpedo in Our Fair Commonwealth.

Not all areas are big into football, but South Bend is just west of Indiana (city) in the county of Indiana.

Whiskerville makes me think of Gabby Hayes and other old codgers in the westerns, if not some of the local street people or elderly grandparents who have let themselves go.

I’m not sure if Lynch is a family name or a command. Let’s move on.

Keisters; another family name from the Old Country? Or did people have a habit of landing on theirs all the time? We’ll never know.


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