Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Season's First Snow

Light & Fluffy, just the right kind for Christmas cards. If you take the photos right, nobody can see the roads were never covered, but every branch takes on the kind of frosting that Hallmark loves. It’s a great time to go out caroling: lots of snow falling, but it’s still relatively warm and not at all windy.

The first snow of the season. How delightful! But the smart money (my brother, who lives in the snow capital of Quebec Province) indicates that the next one will stick and we won’t like it. I think what he’s saying is the first snow is the free introductory offer, while the second has all the small print at the bottom, small print we didn’t notice.

Around here (that is, on our small street) the city makes one sweep with the plow and then that’s it. The fact that we’re on a hill makes little difference, except to maybe the parking meter guy. You’d think they would not have meters on any street they do not plow clear of snow. Not a chance.

Oxygen and hydrogen at a specific temperature can land you on your butt if you don’t watch your step. It can cause your car to skid out of control.

Depends on the temperature. Oxygen and hydrogen at one temperature ran the engines on the Titanic; at another temperature, it kept the ship afloat; at yet another temperature, it cut a hole in the ship and, at the second temperature, filled it and caused it to sink. The third temperature froze people in their life jackets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A word to the wise about driving in snow:

''Four year old 4-Seasons tires do NOT do the job!''

Here in Québec, four(4) snow tires are law from Dec. 15 on until the snowbirds get back. Your front tires are just as important, if not more, than the rear ones. If you can climb a hill, but can't steer, might as well stay home.


Connecticut drivers have not yet figured this one out.

Exit 318

December 09, 2009 11:40 AM  

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