Friday, December 04, 2009

In 3 Weeks It's A Year To Next Christmas

And don't think Santa's elves aren't planning for it. I rather suspect the think-tank for Christmas future goes on well in advance – a year? Two years?

Santa’s workshop doesn’t just start operating in June to make toys for the little ones this upcoming December 25th. I’m willing to bet his elves are out there snooping around the grammar schools and those of higher levels to see what the buzz is all about, looking for future trends. Santa has to know what to plan for in the year ahead.

I’d love to sit in on a marketing strategy meeting at some large retail operations to see how they plan for the Christmas following. Does it start the August before? The January of? The previous June? What board games seem to be hot? Which ones are moving up? Are the old favorites (Candyland, Monopoly) still holding on?

If you buy a thousand dozen of some product and it’s a bust, where can you get rid of it for more than you paid? Let’s suppose it’s now an embarrassment, like you bought a thousand Tiger Woods figures with a pledge to “play clean” and his stuff just tanked; will they sell in the Caribbean where nobody cares?

That must-have doll; you opened at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday and some mother ended up in the ICU at 4:05 thanks to fifteen people who literally trampled her. Should you hire guards? Open earlier, later? Give guarantee slips ahead of time and tell them to sleep in? Or just find another line of work that’s less stressful?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell you what....those marketing people do a lot more than meetings. Take for instance, Wegman's. I'll bet anything that the Wegman's marketing people went ''shopping'', visiting Meijers and other similar stores. Our stores up here look quite a bit like Wegman's and Meijers as of late, say four years.

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