Monday, October 12, 2009

What The Indians Saw

A bunch of lost Italians on the beach who thought they were halfway around the world, that's what. It is reliably reported they said, "There goes the neighborhood."

The National Geographic Magazine once published an issue simple titled: “1491.” It was an attempt to tell the story of this part of the earth’s real estate before a bunch of Europeans went off-course, landed on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean (we’re still not sure where) and really messed things up for a civilization.

Children these days are being told more of the truth than we were. Maybe the teachers are going a little overboard on the “villain” side and omitting some of the nicer aspects of his discovery. After all, Chris may have introduced smallpox but the Indians gave them lung cancer in return when the explorers brought tobacco back. Tit for tat.

Anyway, some boats appeared approaching the shore and the Indians quickly set up a Diamonds International store (that's a joke which cruise ship passengers will laugh at with a knowing smile). Chris waded ashore with banner flying and a priest ready to baptize the heathen savages. Or beat them until they accepted the loving Jesus.

Then he grabbed a few, brought them back to home port and displayed them for all to see. It’s not recorded what the Indians felt about all this, but I’m willing to bet they weren’t too happy about being grabbed, tied up, tossed into a boat and taken away from family, friends and homeland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

History in schools......aka Educational Dept. Hollywooded.

The history classes are, IMO, made up by some patriotic govt. people who have the art of making things shine which will enhance what they want the students to learn, not 100% all true.

F'instance, Lewis & Clark..Pierre-Ésprit Radisson was there 20 years before they arrived.

The righteousness of the English who took over Acadia in 1755 and booted outthe Acadians. Go Google on ''Deportation of 1755''. Even up here they put the Whites in dominant position in the colonies BUT, had it not been for the Mic'Maqs, Abenakis, Algonquins and, yes even the Iroquois, they'd have never made it.

As for the Italians in the Islands, history repeats itself...

Google ''Tony Acurso''.LOL


October 13, 2009 4:33 PM  

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