Saturday, October 10, 2009

International Metric Day: 10/10

We stand in great company, with other significant world powers, in resisting the efforts to make the metric system a world-wide means of measurement. Let us battle! The United States rallies with its allies, Burma (also known as Myanmar) and Liberia. We shall overcome the rest of the world, when Jesus ice skates through Hell.

What’s the big deal here? We’ve got these two little peashooter countries, mere specks on the map, and the giant US of America which should have been out there leading the rest of the world. Instead, all we can do as our part of the change from quarts to liters is when buying soft drinks. Coca-Cola is doing a better job than the U.S. Senate.

God created us metric: ten fingers, ten toes. You’d think we might take the hint and use ten as the multiplier or divider for things in our lives. Nah; not a chance.

So in an instant, as you drive north from Vermont, 55mph becomes 100km. Let’s see, how do we keep to the speed limit? Divide 100 by 17%; no, that’s the current rate of exchange. Uh, 9/5 times 100 plus 32; no, that’s temperature conversion. Maybe 1.056; no, that’s liters to quarts.

I’m no good at math, but I certainly do well when numbers end in “0” and lengths aren’t confusing, as multiplying 12 inches by 7 times to find out how many feet you have. But don’t you worry about it; with the support of Burma and Liberia, we can bring things back to the way they were in the Old Days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell you what though, I worked many years with the template makers and I'll tell you a metric tape measure is more accurate than an the inch-foot ones. When you cut a pipe fopr the pipefitters and 3523 mm, you get a very goof fir, believe me.

One thing I don't understand is if 4'' = 10 cm, why does 10 cm of snow seem more than 4''?

It is tricky this metric system. I mean if you want to spoil your day, tell your wife that her butt is 40 cm wide.

CJV, Le Quebecer

October 13, 2009 5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

''You get a good fit''

An error of metric typing


October 13, 2009 5:46 AM  

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