Thursday, August 13, 2009

They Met, Shook Hands And It Got Ugly

Something happened in Our Fair City yesterday which, just that idea alone, is pretty amazing. It wasn’t nice, but I haven’t seen it happen before and if only for that reason it merits mention here.

A strong storm system from the northwest came rolling in, meeting with an equally strong and formidable opponent from the east. Where did they lay down the gauntlet? Pretty much over Public Square, according to the Intellicast radar map.

As I watched this happen, one thought popped up: This is going to be an interesting late afternoon. It was a train wreck, a fireworks factory going up, Fundies running around waving their Bibles and shouting, “We told you so; the Lord Jeeeesus is coming!”

It rained as if a firehose were aimed at us. It sure put out my fire and, although I had a large umbrella when I had to go out, I still was fairly damp and/or wet when I returned. Luckily, I could take off my shirt and pants, dump them in the dryer and wait just a few minutes for the electric company to do its work.

Seems to me this happened only once before, when I was at my first radio station. A couple storms met, shook hands and took out a transformer three hundred feet below our transmitting antennas. You think they would hit the towers, but they had eyes only for the can on the phone pole. Who knows?


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