Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Song Of The Rumble Seat

Where was I? Prince Edward Island? There was an old car there with a rumble seat and two young’uns sitting in it.

[Rumble Seat: (1912). A folding seat in the back of an automobile (as in a coupe or roadster) not covered by the top. Merriam-Webster]

[Their popularity was further diminished by the frequent injuries, including decapitation that sometimes occurred in accidents. It is possible that the last American-built car with a rumble seat was the 1939 Ford convertible coupe. Wikipedia]

I only saw one before this, a multitude of years, yea, a multitude of decades ago, in Stratford Center (the center, business district, small as it was, in Connecticut). I assume this one would have been driven slowly so the girls were safe. Still, I’m not that sure I would be comfortable riding in one (see above).

Yet, the wind whistles through your hair, you are in an unusual position, actually outside the car in what was earlier called the mother-in-law seat. It must have been exciting and, let’s imagine, a little bit romantic if being driven down a quiet, evening shady lane. It’s safe enough, and all you can do would be done by your hands.

My regret is not asking to be taken for a spin around the parking lot just so I could say I had done it. Maybe with one of the girls next to me for the record.


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