Friday, August 07, 2009

I Went To The Supermarket

I’m from a small village. The post office (buy stamps and mail packages only) was in a corner of the drugstore near some patent medicines. Only one person had mail delivery there, between some old prescription boxes; his address, 1 Fifth Avenue, was a cottage down in the swamp. Next door was the grocery store, one aisle, which had about three of anything you might want; underage kids (me) sold beer to a local state cop and bread was just inside the door. Curly, sticky fly catchers hung from the ceiling.

Later in life, I ran out of bread and went to a real supermarket. Life had changed.

Inside, to the left was a bank. “Bread? I don’t know, sir. But would you like to open an account?” No; I would like to open a loaf of bread. Behind it was a florist shop. “Bread? Sorry; we just sell flowers.” Flowers; I need flours. Up further, a specialty deli with little chunks of cheese for the tasting and a chalkboard with specials. Don’t even bother; they are wearing brown aprons, not white like my grandmother.

Ah! Bread! Right handy in the back of this giant store. I’m off Wonder Bread now, but a nice rye would do. Hmmm. Six-grain; twelve-grain; wheat with cod liver oil; organically-grown oat fertilized with local goat manure; rice with ingredients provided on request. Uh, this doesn’t look good.

On the way home, I pass Mrs. Jones’ Homemade Pies and Breads. “One rye.” “Here you are, sonny.” “Thank you and have a nice day.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! The old stores, we still have them around here out in the country. You won't find bio stuff, you cant't buy a Starbuck's cappaccino, but you can get some real good strong coffee and homemade pies.

Supermarkets which sell corn on the cob in February, strawberries in April, California and Florida fruits which once delivered here are already rotting insine?

Ever hear of blood pudding (boudin?),,yeah we get the homemade stuff. The butcher lets us choose out cut, we als oca npick up some homemade bread pudding, fiddleheads, homemade unsliced bread and homemade jams..

Try finding that in Food Lion, Winn-Dixie, Wegman's, Meijer's etc.

Uh-uh....Give me country!


August 07, 2009 4:27 PM  
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