Sunday, July 05, 2009

Was My Apartment Ransacked?

It sure looks like it. But how can you tell? My guess is "no; that's just how it looks all the time." Maybe I really should tidy it up.

Problem is, where do I start? In the immediate future, I have a cruise to think about. As one item, there is the matter of arranging for a bus ticket from NYC to Boston. That took a bit of time while I figured out the Greyhound schedule, but it’s all printed out now; I also need to bop down to the bus terminal for a ticket to and from NYC.

I do have some laundry to do, which I might as well take care of right now. [pause] Ok; one phone call and one laundry-start later and it’s time to triage the room. There are some shirts that need to be hung (for no crime in particular). [pause] Ok, that’s done and I’ll see which will end up in my overnight bag for the trip. One bag; that’s it.

I also have to pack for the trip, coming up in just a few days. I have a desk drawer marked “Next Cruise,” which holds the general needs and when I have items to go, that’s where they end up. The ship has a self-serve launderette; I pack enough for six days and do the first five days’ wash on the sixth. Keep the bag light!

What’s nice to remember is this: what’s left hanging around will still be a faithful friend and will be here when I return. It won’t lose interest in me, it won’t decide somewhere else is more interesting. There will be no “keep in touch” note, no “we’ll have to call each other sometime”; it will still be here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure sign of ''senior Syndrome'', BUT some people were born old.....Exit 318

July 06, 2009 12:10 PM  

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