Sunday, June 28, 2009

Give Us Not This Day Our Daily Shopping

I’ve never felt right about shopping on Sundays or, for that matter, mowing the lawn or doing anything that might disturb the neighbors. It’s a combination of (a) The Lord’s Day, (b) A day of rest, (c) One day of the week to be still.

Yes, there are things to be done, but I manage to arrange them so they fit nicely into the other days, especially Saturdays with the quieter stuff saved for Sunday. Try to manage the stillness in your life so most of it takes place on that day.

Ok, so it’s not absolutely possible, but I think it would be doable in some sort of large measure.

Can you imagine the serenity in a neighborhood where nobody used a lawnmower on Sundays? Those machines do not make any kind of soft sound, unless they are electric and, even then, it can be loud.

An understanding that people with backyard pools will raise their children to keep from screaming. Impossible? Perhaps and probably, but let’s go for the possibility. Can parents start from the very earliest days to have quiet pools? Or is this something just not in the genes? Kids will scream with delight, no matter.

Well, at least these are dreams, and one can dream all one wants. There has never been an unreasonable dream, only when you force it on others.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy solution....empty the pools on Saturday nights. How about a DANGER EELS in pool sign posted.

One guy I know, who never admitted it,after aseries of all night pool parties,dumped a bottle of dishwasher soap into the pool of his neighbour. It works!...


We have a neighbourhood thing here, no lawnmowers, chainsaws, whackers or whatever on Sundays. you got an itch to cut grass, find a brother-in-law someple.

July 02, 2009 8:41 PM  

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