Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Bought A New Chair

Big deal, you might reply. Well, it’s a moderate deal for me as I use it two hours a day, either prepping my radio show or actually doing it. The old chair hit its swing limit anywhere it wanted, anytime it wanted; I’d turn to cue someone and it might go two inches, even though I had just checked it for a full swing. No wheels, either.

So I bopped down to the locally-owned department store where I knew they had just what I was looking for.

Let it be noted here: I deal with locally-owned businesses exclusively to the extent possible. Chain stores return something like 14% to the local economy, whereas the locals return (I think) 62% of money spent. When you buy in town, it pretty much stays in town; salaries, taxes, other needs all help us.

I digress.

After putting up with a chair which never really worked, I happened to notice one that was as close to perfect as one could imagine. The store’s website (ah, blessed websites) indicated it was there, so down I went the next day to pick it up.

I originally saw it online Sunday, but I don’t buy things on Sunday, hence the wait.

So now I’m a happy duck and the world is sunny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when is a duck happy sitting in a chair? You want a happy duck, buy a waterbed!

Exit 318

June 26, 2009 5:29 PM  

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