Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Music Of Your Life

Thirty years ago, I was visiting this radio station near the place where I began my career in Bridgeport, Conn. It was an odd place, presided over by what I felt was an odd sort of fellow. It was also new and appeared to be trying out a format which would later come together under the name “The Music of Your Life.”

As I stood there (I don’t think there were any chairs) in this rather stark (nor were there any shelves for the records) operation, I had the feeling I might be Present At The Creation. At the creation of what, well, I wasn’t sure.

“MOYL,” as it became known in the business, also quickly became known as “Music of Your Death,” because many stations just did not program it properly. Rather than use their own dj’s as announcers, as it should have been done, they simply let the tapes run in mind-numbing repetition.

Lately, the local public radio station added another channel to its signal, the HD Radio Technology. (Just as an aside, the trademarked name “HD Radio” has no particular meaning, although the company once referred to it as “Hybrid Digital”).

Their HD-2 channel is my old friend, “Music of Your Life,” the format I knew when it was a zygote, yet to be named, hardly formed.

It’s grown a lot in 30 years, done well for itself.


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