Saturday, February 14, 2009

The World's Smallest Altar Girl

Memories of my days as an altar boy: An altar girl whose feel could not reach the floor as she sat there. A tiny little thing with her sister on the other side of the priest.

I began serving Mass as soon as I could fit into the smallest cassock we had out where I lived. When that joyous day came around, I began joining my brother and a very few others (we lived in an isolated area). This was probably around 1950 and not long after I was asked to help at two Masses, as there were only three of us to fill four slots.

Anyway, this little girl and her sister did a good job, although reaching up to the top of the altar was about as high as she was capable. I watched her and thought, “Was I that small once?” Yes, you were that small once.

That small, but not quite that serious. There were two others from the west end of town, roughly four or five streets away (but where we lived, that was pretty much toward the west end, defined as anywhere beyond the general store). We could get into all kinds of trouble without much problem, but I won’t get into detail here; fifty years has not lessened the grossness of our remarks.

Let’s just say that, if Jesus welcomed the little children into his midst, he must have also appreciated the funny things the kids came out with. I hope he laughs when the three of us appear before the throne to have our lives reviewed. Sure, it’s a serious moment when we come to worship, but it’s also a celebration.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that there is an altar boy living who doesn't have some kind of juicy anecdote!

Iremember the old story of ''Benny's Got All the Dominoes'' and trying to cough down a laugh everytime I heard it during Mas.

Lest we forget farts.........


February 16, 2009 6:02 PM  

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