Monday, February 16, 2009

President's, Presidents', Day

Whither the apostrophe?

It used to be President’s Day, as I recall: The president in question being Washington, George. It was his, singular, so the apostrophe went before the “s.” And thus did the tradition of automobile sales begin and the curiosity (at least on my part) as to the possibility of carriage sales in the late 18th century.

Then Abraham (or Abe, to his friends and fellow lawyers) came along with his own birthday but ten days apart. Generals with stripes have rank over log-splitting lawyers, so the two became combined.

Thus, Presidents’ Day. Apostrophe after the “s.” Happy now, presidents?

Being happy in heaven probably makes the issue quite unimportant to the Commanders-in-Chief. But not to PC’s-in-Chief down here, who decide just which people deserve to be victims and which don’t care.

Victims win; grammarians lose.

It’s now “Presidents Day.” Washington shares his founding skills with Warren Harding; Lincoln’s union-uniting with Bush-43’s division, Teddy Roosevelt’s robust health with John Kennedy’s constant war-related disabilities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Guess what? In Portsmouth, Va. President's Day or whatever was not heavy enough for a school holiday, but this year it is.....^Hmmmmmm wonder why? (I don't wonder, I know)

Exit 318

February 18, 2009 3:45 PM  

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