Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Big Game

We’re coming up on The Big Game. You know, the big game you hear about on tv ads when they tell you to stock up on this beer, or those potato chips, or them there bar-bee-q fixin’s. The game between this city’s team and that city’s team.

Oh, you mean the [censored][censored], between the [censored] and the [censored]? Yeah, that Big Game. Oh; why didn’t you say so? Because we can’t; we aren’t licensed by NFL Enterprises, Inc.

So there are people tied in with the Super Bowl who can say it’s between, maybe the Carolina Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, because they are advertisers. But if you aren’t, then it’s the Big Game with Carolina vs Pittsburgh.

Yeah; all the rest is trademarked by the N.F.u.L. And you better not cross the line or several quarterbacks will be visiting your place of business to, uh, convince you not to do it again. Assuming, of course, that you are out of the hospital this time next year.

Nuthin’ poissonal, y’unnerstand; just business.

Oh, I unnerstand. Uh, understand. Nothing personal. Those guys in three-piece suits with the attaché cases, they can go now and they can stop muttering something about seeing me in court. The Super … Big Game hasn’t even happened yet and, besides, I don’t give the end of a rat’s large colon.


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