Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Into Snowterday

We’re having a few flakes this afternoon, sort of like a drink before dinner or the slightest of appetizers before the banquet. Or Mother Nature’s foreplay before she screws us tomorrow.

The “light dusting” has turned into “three to five inches” when last heard. just predicted “four to eight,” although that probably includes what we call the Higher El’s. They are the hills, which are alive with the sound of snowplows.

I live on the top of a hill, as noted earlier in another posting. It’s great when there is a heavy rain, because we don’t get any flooding. It’s bad when there is a heavy snow, because we can’t get up here and, once up, it’s dangerous going down.

Locomotives in the north have plows on the front, which keep the tracks relatively clean. That would not be such a bad idea for cars, and I think we could have two small plows mounted just ahead of our tires to keep our wheels steady. Maybe a small V-shaped plow across the front of the car to clear a path for when the snow is deeper.

What with the economy the way it is and towns having to cut services, this might be a viable way to get our streets at least passable during and after snowstorms. There would still be a need for snowplows, but it would be more of a clean-up than a full assault on the road. I would imagine a lane open in each direction during the storm and, after it’s over, a few plows out there trimming up the streets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really glad to read that you are experinecing the treats of winter. Unfortuately that system is sliding south of us as we are in a deep high pressure system, forcing that low t ostay below us.

This morning it is about -20°C, great full moon, a 20' tide tonight around suppertime and a chance for the plows to push some ice chunks back into the river where they belong.

'Tis sad that winter is only six months long.

Exit 318

January 10, 2009 7:43 AM  

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