Friday, December 19, 2008

Gamboling While Gambling

Deer can gambol in the woods, but can’t gamble at the Woods – the local nightspot formally known as the Woodlands. They probably would not be allowed into the Mohegan Sun Casino, either, unless they are over 18 or 21, whatever the legal age is.

Local company was digging a fairly deep trench when the sides caved in and a guy had to be, in the newspaper’s words, “extradited.” Makes one wonder if, perhaps, they needed a court order to “extricate” the fellow and if he dug so deep he made it to China.

I heard someone on the radio who meant to describe a large building as “cavernous,” but made it “carnivorous.” It’s the kind of place you really don’t want to go into if you value your life. Unless, of course, you are a vegetable.

A friend accidentally referred to a “Presbyterian crosswalk” and I was tempted to ask if it was in front of a “pedestrian church.” Another mistakenly called a group of congressmen as a “congregational delegation”; no doubt representing the Christian Right.

A woman wrote to the newspaper about how hard it is to wait for a school bus with two children. I wondered if she was waiting for a school bus, with two children by her side – or was she waiting for a bus carrying only two children: three would be too many, one not enough.

Thoughts while its snowing and sleeting; a day not fit for man, woman, nor beast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a friend tell of sliding off the road and going into the medium. A co-worker expressed an interest in being the union stewart (and no, his name wasn't Jimmy).

December 24, 2008 2:31 PM  

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