Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She's Singing "Winter Wonderland"

…and it sort of is. Well, not quite a wonderland; that brings up visions of softly falling snow, horse-drawn sleighs and steaming mugs of hot chocolate at home.

Frozen rain, or something, is falling on top of a slight layer of snow and it’s hard to walk without ending up looking at the sky. It’s not the kind of night you want to walk or drive over to the newspaper and pick up copies for the next night’s radio program.

Amy Grant was the person singing that song, via my Pandora.com music list. She was, no doubt, in a nice warm studio in a lovely part of the country some time during the summer when these things are recorded. I’m here, in the winter, and I can’t just take my earphones off and walk outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

The hour-by-hour forecast on weather.com for our area says it’s going to be lousy all night, changing over to medium-rotten sometime around noon and then just gloomy the rest of the day.

New England, this ain’t. Norman Rockwell covers for the Saturday Evening Post, likewise. It’s weather for studs – the kind you put in tires. It’s the time when you separate those of us who know how to drive from those you find wheels-up in a ditch.

I work with a fellow from Rwanda. If you have a good world map, or an atlas, it’s in central Africa, about three degrees south of the Equator. He’s freezing.


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