Friday, November 14, 2008

My Home For The Night

Also known as my bed.

It’s queen size, I think; at any rate, it’s fairly wide and I can stretch out, pretty much face down (but not so much that I can’t breathe) and stretch out. That’s a nice feeling, after being upright all day.

I bed down with the covers over my head, at the beginning. First, the sheet as far as it will go. Then the blanket, ditto; lastly, the bedspread. I probably look like something in a morgue by this time. I lie like that for a little bit, bedside lamp still on, radio softly playing classical music.

Then my head peeks out, just enough to breathe, and my arm just enough to turn the light out. The radio plays softly through the night.

A turn to the right, arms straight out and, eventually, a rollover facing the radio, arms still out. Then I’m out. Like a light.

Should I need to get up, either in the morning or during the night, I hook my heels against the side of the mattress and use them to pull myself off to the side of the bed. When I get to the edge, just before I fall over and out, I stand up. Easier that way, I’ve found.

Getting back in: Full-body stretch to the end and out like a light again.


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