Friday, November 07, 2008

What's In Your ... Well, Not Wallet

Capital One credit cards wants to know “what’s in your wallet?” Well, not much in mine; I keep it fairly slim, carrying only what I need on a daily basis. I see guys who seem to have their whole lives in their hip pocket.

I also go to viewings at funeral homes and occasionally see caskets piled high with the lives of the deceased, presumably to accompany them to the Promised Land. Or, at least, to keep their body happy while they go to the happiness assured us.

Me? The cheapest way out. I’m not there anymore and don’t need a fancy box, good clothes or trinkets. Whatever is the least the law requires is fine; I’m not an Egyptian who needs things send along to keep me happy and in funds.

I saw one fellow who was going with two bottles of whiskey, along with a dozen other trinkets. Another was in his sports outfit, from cap to spiked shoes. Someone else had his eternal bed so filled with things it looked more like a tag sale than a respectful Last Resting Place.

I wouldn’t mind if mine were decorated for the occasion. Well, maybe a table next to it with significant objects on it that described my life: My broadcast engineer’s license, some photos of me at various radio stations, a few cruise ship mementoes, some things representative of my current employment and so on. A rosary in my hands? I’m RC, but maybe an old cruise ticket would be better.


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