Sunday, November 09, 2008

I Think It Would Be A Lot More Fun

If football games lasted 60 minutes. Once they start, the clock keeps running. Ok, we can allow a half-time, but there would be a non-stop half, then the break, then another half. No stopping the clock, no time-outs.

If DUI’s who killed someone had to attend the funeral and go to the cemetery for the burial service. Then be required to attend one DUI funeral each year for at least ten years. Your victim is still dead; you should realize it.

If we had National Silly Day and we would not have to act our age. If we wanted to bring in a teddy bear to work, that’s ok. If we want to wear a funny hat, great. If we wanted to run thru the parking lot at lunch, go for it.

If people just enjoyed the moment, made themselves a mug of hot chocolate, looked out the window at the clouds and did not think of the coming minutes or those just passed. Only now, just like a very mini-vacation.

If people bought a photo that showed the Hubble telescope’s view of a hundred galaxies with their 30 trillion stars, just to remind us that the created universe is so vast (there may be 300 billion galaxies) and our differences are so small.

If we would take others’ anger with some measure of humor and not let it get us angry. There’s nothing quite like blowing the other person off this way.


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