Wednesday, November 05, 2008

He Told Us How To Vote

Our bishop, as did a few around the country, made the thinnest of veiled orders as to whom we should be voting for in this election.

Ok, he didn’t actually say the words “Senator John McCain” in the letter that was read in every church; you don’t have to be that obvious and, if you want to skirt the IRS and keep your tax exemption, you’d better watch your step.

But it was there, the elephant in the pulpit we dare not mention.

You should also stop receiving Communion if you voted for a pro-abortion candidate, regardless of his stance on other important issues.

Well, the two largest counties in the diocese went for Senator Barack Obama. I don’t think it was a nose-thumb at the bishop, as people aren’t that way around here. It’s just that our nation’s issues and the candidates’ responses were more important than the church trying to run the state.

It didn’t work in Europe in years past, and our Founding Parents didn’t want to even think about it over here. Wise people. That’s why we hang their portraits in our classrooms and note their birthdays.

There are big moral issues; we will weigh them ourselves.


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