Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unfinished Business

Item -- It takes time to become used to a new computer. Or a new anything (spouse, car, house, job; name it). I’m still learning about this one as I work, which is something like changing your clothes while running down Main Street. But the day will come when I will cruise along with nary a thought about what I’m doing.

Item -- Speaking of cruising, my vacation is just ten weeks and two days away. Do I know where I am going? No, but that’s not unusual; once, recently, I had no idea up until two days before sailing when I finally looked at the cruise documents and realized I was on a Southern Caribbean cruise, rather than the Eastern Caribbean. Made no difference, as the ship is my destination and where we go matters little.

Item -- Still thinking of Tom Bowe, my recently-deceased friend of a generation above me and the influence he had on my life and my family’s. I might write something here, but most of it, as happens with all of us, can’t be explained in a blog and is too private, anyway. Your families aren’t friends for four generations without really being locked into each other, for better or worse.

Item -- A young adult got into a fight with his stepfather. The kid apparently was bipolar and things got to a point where the stepfather just snapped, grabbed a nearby gun and shot the kid. As he lay on the floor, the old man stood over him and emptied the pistol into his stepson. I know the mantra, “Guns don’t kill; people do.” But in a fair fight, I doubt the kid would be dead today and the guy awaiting trial on a murder charge.


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