Sunday, June 15, 2008

Color Me White, Or Something

Some woman of African heritage was on The Colbert Report ago giving off her opinion that Barack Obama is not a black man. Well, he is the product of a black African father and a white mother.

“No,” she said. “His father is not black.”

Surprised me; I’ve seen his picture and, having lived with Africans from both Uganda and Kenya while I was in grad school, I feel uniquely qualified to recognize people who are black as coal. (If you have not lived with people from these countries, don’t criticize my description; these people were *black*.)

“His father is not black because he did not come here on a slave boat. The only black people in the world are those who came here on slave boats.”

I guess my friends a couple doors away in the dorm must have been a dark white, or something. I sure as heck thought they were black, slave boat or not.

“It’s all political,” the a-hole continued, saying something like: “Barack’s father may be dark, and he may be African, but he’s not black.”

I’d love to see her take that viewpoint over to some of the African countries and try to convince the people of her stance. It would be fun.


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