Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Night With The Birds And The Bees

Mother Nature has her plans, but sometimes we can modify them. Sometimes, well, the birds and the bees take over and we’re powerless. We admit defeat.

Such is the case now that we have put out the little fountain in our courtyard. First the bees and little bugs went to it, buzzing around and taking little sips. Or so it seems. They seem to like the large ball where the water drains down.

Then the birds came. Or, at least, the robin(s). I rather suspect it’s one or, mayyybe, two and it just sits there looking at me when I come out of my apartment. I could almost reach over and put salt on its tail (old way to catch birds), but still it would not move. Sometime it drinks, other times it just sits there on top of the bubbler and briefly glances over at me before returning to whatever it’s doing – probably staying cool on those hot days.

I don’t know how easygoing the robin is with other people, but we seem to get along together rather well. Same with the rabbit that hangs out near my door. When I come by, he (or she) sits there and looks at me, then takes a few short hops away, then a few more. But never very far. Sometimes it just hops away and then lies down, as if I should bring its pipe, a newspaper and a snack.

The squirrels are also used to us. Some of them you almost have to kick out of the way; others will move a bit when we come along. Generally, they do their stuff and we do ours, so it’s a fairly peaceable kingdom around here.