Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Missed Donald Duck's Birthday

June 9, 1934. A memorable day in cartoon history and for those who need some inspiration in their lives: Donald Duck was “born” on the cartoon pages.

A cartoon duck merits this kind of adulation? Yeah, he does. A cartoon duck is an inspiration for people’s lives? Yeah, again.

His sister, Dumbella Duck, sort of split the scene and did so with no intention of taking her triplets on to whatever awaited. So Donald became a single parent with no warning, and he took it quite seriously. I never saw a single panel where he regretted it, told the boys he wished it were otherwise, or complained about the situation. He went forward and did the best he could, which seems to have been pretty good.

Unlike the wussy Mickey Mouse, Donald had a tendency to lose his temper; he also was man enough (or duck enough) to apologize afterwards. I don’t know of any other cartoon character, human or animal, who did that. He was contrite and made sure he fixed things up quickly. We should all be so honest.

At whatever job he had, and they seemed to be different in each comic book, he did them well. Never lazy, he found ways to overcome whatever problems came his way. Sure, there were occasional mistakes, but they seemed to work themselves out.

And he never slept over with Daisy, his girl friend.


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