Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Always Four Years Older Than Me

My brother came down, accompanied by his wife, to spend two days (and change) here. This gives me two+ days to brush up on my Canadian French and successfully say, “You’re looking good,” without accidentally coming out with, “Your wife resembles a fire hydrant.” It’s good to be careful when speaking another language.

He brought two cd’s of photos he has taken and, with luck on my side, the IITS people (formerly known as the Geek Squad) fixed the cd drive in my computer the day after they arrived. I’ve still got an odd cd icon down on the bottom of my screen, but I’m hoping everything will work ok. He does good work with a still camera, while I seem to be the videographer of the family.

But it’s lousy blogging weather, so to speak. We’re doing a little running around, but mostly just hanging around chatting and not looking at clocks. In the evening, we pre-record the radio show. I get my Sunday newspaper column in on time.

So that’s basically the news from North Franklin very early on this Friday morning. Don’t be concerned that the date stamp says “Wednesday,” because I’m backdating blog entries to catch up to reality.

When you have company from another country, reality is what you make it at any given moment. Right now, for this radio announcer who times his show to the second, there are no clocks in his reality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

Got a call from your brother, said he had a great time down there and that he,d like to get back later this year.

He is someplace down in VA. right now and we've had three days of snow. He sure picked a god time to bail out and if he thikns that I will be shoveling his driveway he's nuts!


March 24, 2008 6:20 AM  

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