Friday, February 08, 2008

Hey, Mon, We Laid Back

World’s Hardest Job: Getting going again after a vacation. It was 82 the other day and now we’re looking at temps in the single numbers; it was sunny and now the snow has been blowing. I’ve been lying around watching the ocean and the islands floating by; now I’m back to doing radio and getting up the energy to blog daily.

Actually, it’s getting up the energy to do anything.

With apologies to Tony Bennett, “I left my heart on the m.s. Noordam.” Sitting there in the Lido buffet, next to the windows, sipping tea, writing notes for my cruise ship message board daily posts, occasionally falling asleep. You’re going to hit the ground running after that? Not very likely.

[I’m actually writing this post-midnight Sunday and haven’t fully unpacked yet. See what I mean?]

It’s pretty cold out there and I have to be out there for a while in a few minutes. My pity for the lady on the island of St. Vincent (18 degrees north latitude – not that much above the Panama Canal) who complained the other day about it being cool that morning. I’d guess she was talking about 60-65 degrees. Not bad for the middle of winter. Live with it, hon; I walked to school in 60 degree weather, but it was 60-below windchill and one day the ‘chill was 85 below.


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