Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Meanderings

>What I spent on my regular meds this month is slightly more than what I spent for a 11-day cruise on a nice ship. Is this a sign of growing old, when your meds cost more than any of your other activities? I can remember when an aspirin was a big thing and the first time I had to take something for a cough in school (I think the nun gave me a hard candy to suck on), I felt as if I were the star of the show.

>I believe in global warming; hard not to, as it’s staring us right in the face. But where is it when the temps are going to be in the single numbers? Can’t our greenhouse gasses at least bring us up into the twenties? Overnight, it’s going down to 3F (up from yesterday’s prediction of 2F – big deal) and the daytime high of 25 later in the week is starting to look pretty good.

>I used my cell phone to report a 2-car accident and almost had one myself while in the process. Don’t know why the Powers That Be are against hand-held phones but ok with hands-free phones; it’s not how they’re held, but your mind being focused on talking rather than driving. A guy in the middle of the city drove into the back of a parked bus and said he never even noticed it, he was so engaged in talking on his phone. When I do have to call, I pull over to dial, even if I can continue talking on a fairly vacant road. My car isn’t much, but I like to keep it in one piece.

>I can snap all four fingers with my thumb in one quick movement. No doubt others can do that too, but I offer this as a bit of trivia to fill out the blog for today.


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