Thursday, January 24, 2008

Point After For Driving Down It?

A friend of mine lives on Goal Post Lane. Generally, I’ve noticed that new streets in equally new developments are named for what used to be there but ain’t no more.

“Bunny Run Road,” for instance, when we’ve chased all the bunnies out of there. “Quiet Spring Drive,” all paved over. But “Goal Post Lane”; is it near a school’s playing field? Or does it cross where the field used to be?

One time, while looking for something else, I discovered a seminary out in Wisconsin was on South Lovers’ Lane Road. Hmmm. One can only assume the street name was there first. Or was it? We’ve a street right at the end of town, as you climb the Poconos, which has a name I forget at the moment, called by everyone “The Baby Road.” One can only guess how many angels came down from heaven on that backwoods lane.

There’s a place in Danvers, Mass., called “Witch Trot Lane,” where they used to hang the old gals back when. In those days, Danvers was part of Salem and that hill was the spot to get rid of witches, real or otherwise. All otherwise, as it turned out. I can’t imagine witches trotting there, unless the dysfunctional people of Salem got it into their minds that the dear old ladies were traipsing around the area. We may never know.


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