Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Account Has Been Suspended?

The National Credit Union Administration has temporarily suspended my account due to fraud attempts. If I call them, I can have everything straightened out.

Who? I have no connection with NCUA and the number they sent does not match the NCUA’s actual contact number. So I called their fraud hotline and heard a message about fraudulent e-mails going out.

Some bank in Kentucky sent me a warning. Kentucky? My bank is down the street three blocks. I sent them the message to the fraud hotline address on their real website.

I’ve also learned to place my cursor on the message’s e-mail response link and see what actually turns up on the task bar down at the bottom of my screen. It’s amazing what you learn. The @whatever down below, when pasted into a URL, directs you to some odd place that just screams “fraud.”

Everybody has a story.
Agnes Seiler is celebrating her 92nd birthday. She is one of 10 siblings. Her father was a coal miner and was killed in a coal mining accident when she was a young girl. This left her mother to raise ten children alone. At a young age, Mrs. Seiler married a coal miner who was also killed in a coal-mining accident and left her a young widow. After this horrific time in her life, she moved to New Jersey with her sister.


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