Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blew It, Big Time

Four students, all of age, got busted for busting windows. While the cops were in the area investigating something, they heard glass going down and students running away.

When you get arrested in this country, whether drunk or sober, it changes several things in your life that you may not have thought of at the time you were planning your self-considered little pranks.

I suspect you can forget about being a teacher, a cop or a lawyer. When you fill out an application for any sort of job that asks, “Have you ever been arrested?,” the potential employer really doesn’t care what for. There are more people than jobs and why take a chance with someone who has a record?

Your family going to Canada for vacation? Have them send you a postcard, ‘cuz you ain’t gonna cross the border. When they check you out, they can tap into our crime database and they don’t like people with records, no matter what for or how far back. Eighteen or older, arrested for anything, turn around and go back.

Is any of this fair? I don’t know; I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on the radio. But I do know that lots of things in this world aren’t fair. I also know people don’t like to take chances when they are hiring and it’s easier, if not safer, to take someone with a clean record, rather than a person who the cops felt was enough of a jerk to be taken in, booked, fingerprinted and entered into the Book of Doom. Or something.


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