Monday, February 25, 2008

Magically Disappeared

We had an eclipse (or “ee-clipse,” as people in the sticks call it) of the moon just the other day. Or night. Seems as how the moon came over the horizon just as the sun was going behind us and, we being in the way, our shadow blanked out the sun’s reflection.

Or Mel-Roy, the moon god, cast his magic cloak over it until we gave in and acceded to his demands.

I being interested in astronomy, the first explanation seems the better of the two.

Anyway, the moon sort of went real dark for a while, then came back to full-moon strength. All was well once again in the heavenly realms.

The last lunar eclipse I saw was out in the Atlantic Ocean, where there is little ambient light to take away the thrill. What there was came from the ship and it was easy to block it out. The moon just hung there, looking oddly enough like a white cue ball that had turned a bit reddish.

With no moonlight above us and no lights around us, we could see stars remarkably close to the moon which would otherwise be lost in its reflected light. Quite a show for those of us who spent time out on the deck.

I don’t think we will have another one in this country for a few years, so get ready.


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