Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spring Break In Quebec

It runs in the family, this genetic thing about humor, about finding humor in rather odd places, in situations where others would only complain and be in a foul mood.

It all began when my brother moved to St-Jean Chrysostome, Quebec, Canada. It’s about three towns southeast of Quebec City, the place where they grow snow and ship it to the States. Generally, they can do three or four cuttings per season; this year, it looks as if they might be able to get six.

Anyway, there has been something like twelve feet of the stuff so far and that’s pretty good news for the Snow Exporters. We haven’t had much around here, as the demand has been elsewhere and our ski slopes and municipalities have not wanted to pay the shipping costs for really good snowfalls.

People in the Quebec area who aren’t in the business are not that happy, because they have to get rid of the stuff around their houses and (in my brother’s case) from their roofs so they don’t cave in. After a while, you need to stop and take it easy; he sent me a photo of him doing this today, a real photo which I will send to anyone who wants it.

His large snowblower is there, along with his snowshoes, and a very large fall of snow. In the cut-out bank is a little hole with his bottle of beer. He is sitting in a deck chair, straw sun hat, sun glasses, shorts, just stretched out and enjoyed a few minutes off. The photo is titled, “Spring Break In Quebec.” As I said, some things run in the family.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last time I talked with your brother he told me that some guy around Montréal sold a snow bank on E-Bay and got $3500.00 for it, the profits were turned over to a charity.

He also told me that he wouldn't sell his, but that anyone who wants free snow to give him a call.

Maybe someone ought t oinform Montage about this great deal.

Cold Josh Vail

February 18, 2008 9:26 PM  

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