Thursday, January 03, 2008

That's Where The Money Is

Someone held up a nearby bank yesterday. I forget how long it took the cops to catch him, but it was fairly quick. We had a bank up in the next township get knocked over and the perp was caught two streets away. Someone in another state didn’t get far at all, because the bank put a little GPS unit in the bag. A stranger out here in the Back Mountain was acting suspiciously and the fire chief, who knew everybody in town, went into the bank, told the manager to lock the doors and call the cops; the guy is a guest of the county for attempted bank theft.

There are many things for which the possible result is not worth the attempt: beating a train to the crossing, DUI, driving too fast for conditions, anything that follows, “Hey, watch this!”

One of them is bank robbery. You’re going to get caught, bet on it. Sooner or later, and “sooner” is the operative word here, a cop is going to knock on your door and request that you put your hands together to make the job of handcuffing you that much easier.

They’ve several ways of rounding up the bad guys (or girls, if your name is Bonnie), and I’m not about to find out what they are. Although, and maybe this has occurred to you, there are times when I wonder if I could pull it off. I’m there in the bank, lots of money all around, I pull off a heist and get on the New York City bus just in time to take a cruise to the Caribbean. Sure, I’ll get caught and land in jail for ten years, more or less. But the memories of that trip and the islands!


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