Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Somebody Hear Reindeer Last Night?

This is the second of three “catch up” posts for this busy Christmas season.

The earlier post was written with Frank Sinatra in the background. This one, to fill in for Christmas Day, was done on the 26th and the Will Bradley-Ray McKinley Orchestra is playing. The first piece is “Celery Stalks At Midnight,” with a single five-word vocal: someone, shouting in falsetto, “Celery stalks along de highway!”

Christmas Day: Mass early, for me, in the morning. Ok, 9:30 isn’t early for a lot of people, but it’s plenty early for me. Also, an early buffet (11:30) at a nice hotel restaurant nearby, “Wildflowers.” It was the only time available, as I had waited too long before calling. Next year, I’ll plan better; with the calendars already in hand, I can make a notation now. It’s real nice place, unlike the other hotel nearby which, although its buffet price is the same, is a third-rate place trying hard to be second-rate, in my opinion. Or second-rate trying hard to stay second-rate.

Then I go back my place while my “non-a a sister” (see yesterday) goes home to finish fixing things. I have a radio show to prep, for the visually impaired and homebound. I’ll be on the air later, but want to get it ready now. After that, we open the things I mentioned before, one of hers being a re-caning of a chair she likes; it came from Mom’s home and you can’t sit on it anymore.

I do my show, come back and fall asleep on the couch with visions of sugarplums.


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