Monday, December 24, 2007

T'was The Night Before

This is the first of three postings in “catch up” mode during an unusually busy Christmas season.

Frank Sinatra is playing in the background and, despite the date up above (24th), it’s actually the afternoon of December 26. I’m making a mug of tea, the room is a bit cool, but the tea and some warm homemade apple pie (not by me) will bring back that old Christmas cheer. Nothing quite like good music, good tea and pie. Turning up the heat a few degrees doesn’t hurt any, either.

My religious faith means a lot to me; it has sustained me through some serious illnesses, a few hard times and added to the joyous times. That means a lot of time inside church in years when Christmas is on a Tuesday. Mass on Saturday or Sunday, the Christmas Vigil service, then Christmas Day.

This year, a reprieve from one task: our “non-adopted adopted sister” and I will not be wrapping presents. Sometimes we do, sometimes we just put them in two bags and stick our hands in to see what’s there. Among other things, I pulled out three calendars: trains, lighthouses and outer space galaxies. The fourth, which I’m buying for myself, is one only a radio announcer would like: an antenna calendar. Each month, there is a different radio station’s transmitter site and, yes, we can often tell stations apart just by looking at their antenna locations. You’d have to be in the business to understand.


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