Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Behind, Behinder, Behindest

My Wednesday blog, written on Thursday . . . and lucky for that. You’d think the days would fly by in mid- to late-December, but it’s mid-January when crunch time comes here in the land of Things At King’s. Why?? Beats me.

My laundry is going in my little apartment; I have my radio show to prep; my higher instincts tell me I should really have a hot, steaming mug of tea at the ready. I have a cruise to think about in nine days, although I think I have things well in hand.

My brother was going to come down from the Quebec City area, but as the weather is closing in, a Spring visit looks much wiser. They have nothing to prove, no Mother Nature to overcome and win; it’s a visit and not a win-lose deal.

Now it’s even later. I’ve done my radio show, it’s been snowing much earlier than anyone expected and I’m waiting for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report to start.

What’s nice, and took up about a half-hour, was chatting with my brother on Instant Messenger. It’s great to have such quick back-and-forth chatter about anything or nothing at all. For us, it’s like sitting on the beach, looking out to sea and letting the conversation go whichever way it goes.

That mug of tea I was talking about much earlier is long gone; the laundry is done and dried. It’s time to publish this blog entry and think about the next.


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