Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Grand Tour

When my body is no longer able to contain my spirit and I leave this planet for wherever life takes me (the place, for lack of a better word, we call “heaven”), I want to make the grand tour of the universe.

I was looking at a bright star the other night and thinking how nice it would be to travel past it, see where it is and what it looks like up close. Look back on our planet and how we fit in the solar system, as well as the galaxy and what it looks like. Maybe a quick trip over to the Andromeda galaxy, two million light-years away, a beautiful piece of work. Then out far enough to see our Local Group of galaxies, all 2,500 of them and, as I speed off for my personal judgement, a backward glance at the universe’s 300 billion galaxies.

What a flight!

We seldom think beyond ourselves, our town, state, country and occasionally planet. There’s an asteroid heading so close to us that it will pass between our planet and our communications satellites. That’s close. That’s too close. If, while it’s still out there, it gets bumped by another asteroid, just a little bump in the wrong spot, we won’t have to worry about the stock market, the price of gasoline, the economy or –for that matter- anything else.

Eventually, we all make The Trip and as for me, I’d love to see all the beauty of creation as I’m heading to where I’m going. Get your tickets now.


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