Friday, November 16, 2007

Eventually, It Gets Done

I had “Watch This Spot” as a title since Friday evening. Things got ahead of me but I did, indeed, intend to catch up way before this. I was picking up my room for something that got put off for a while (can’t I keep it cleaned all the time, you ask? No, I can’t; I really can’t … it’s just not in me).

It’s like those signs in vacant store fronts that say, “Opening Soon!” You wait and wait and, occasionally, the sign is down and it stays vacant. Or the sign stays there for a year.

I’ve nothing against Jesus, but if He said, “I am coming soon,” and it’s been 2,000 years, well, I do wish He’d speed it up a bit. That sign in the window is getting a bit dusty.

In the old “Mickey Finn” comic strip, there always seemed to be a vacant lot that showed up now and again. On the lot was a “For Sale” sign and I wondered if the cartoonist wanted to retire and this was a signal to the trade that the strip was up for the asking. Never did find out and I don’t know any cartoonists (well, one, but he’s an amateur) to ask.

Speaking of signs, I read an article by a fellow who deliberately wore a toothbrush mustache for a week just to see what peoples’ reactions would be. Many turned away from him when they saw it. He said that it is such a powerful symbol that simply drawing one on a person’s poster photo is a political statement. One inch of hair under your nose, he said, is a reminder of the evil that exists in this world.


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