Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Bring Back The Himmler"

A group has started a campaign to restore the local Himmler Theater, somewhat of a famous place out in the Back Mountain. You certainly won’t forget the name; that’s for sure. It’s not some sort of Nazi hangout, but a showplace opened around 1928 by Wesley Himmler until he sold it nearly 30 years later.

Lousy name to have during the war. The History Channel did a program about Adolf Hitler’s relatives who live in the U.S. under either in-law family names or assumed names. Again, not something you’d care to have on your mailbox. Some (many?) of them have chosen not to have children, so his DNA or something will be completely wiped out.

Funny thing about names: I heard a story, possibly true, about a preacher who went to Mexico and asked someone if he had met Jesus. The man pointed to the next block and said, “He lives there.” Every person had met Jesus. Took the preacher a bit before he realized that “Jesus” is a common first name down there.

Over in Indonesia, people have just one name. That’s it. No first name, middle name, confirmation name if you are Catholic and family name. I don’t know if there are exceptions for people living in big cities (Joe, son of John, as the Russians do), but they seem to handle it ok.

Catholics need to name their children after saints. Actually, we are named after relatives, friends and actors, just like everyone. As long as there’s some saint’s name in there it fills the law.